Amber Wide Mouth Bottle Graduated, HDPE

  • These bottles come with inner thread for superior sealing and better security.
  • Opaque amber colour reduces UV light transmissions to protect light sensitive samples.
  • Precise graduations allow good view of the product without the use of volumetric products.
  • Wide mouth allows for easy filling and emptying of the bottle.
  • Highly clear bottles for complete visual view of contents inside the bottle.
  • These bottles are used for packing, shipping and storage purpose.
  • Superior chemical resistance.\
  • Suitable for used with food.
  • Complete emptying is guaranteed through inclination of shoulders.
  • Suitable for storage of densed fluids, granulates and powders.
Code Capacity (ml) Mouth Diameter (mm) Height (mm) No. Per Case
P11181 A 60 24.8 81 12
P11182 A 125 32 94.5 12
P11183 A 250 32.2 126.7 12
P11184 A 500 47.5 163.2 12