Centrifuge tubes - the miniscule apparatus with larger motto

centrifuge tubes

In scientific laboratories, many instruments and apparatus are used daily for various experiments necessary for research. Large number of consumables are designed and manufactured for research purposes, out of these products, one of the most important apparatuses are Centrifuge Tubes.

Abdos Labtech has been able to efficiently manufacture Centrifuge Tubes with state-of-the-art moulding facility using high purity USFDA Approved USP Class IV virgin polypropylene. The manufacturing material makes the product ultra-clear highly transparent for two phase liquid separation as in nucleic acid isolation and also maximum quantity of sample is recovered due to highly polished interior surface. These tubes are designed with silk-screen graduations which makes identification fairly easy. Amber-colored Centrifuge Tubes are also manufactured for light sensitive samples.

Centrifuge tubes designed by Abdos Lab have snap caps or build-in plugs in the tubes making it leak-proof and therefore avoiding any loss of sample during storage or handling. Conical Bottom Centrifuge Tubes make them very efficient and useful for centrifugation in microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, etc. These tubes are DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free produced under aseptic conditions with sterility control and then exposed to gamma radiation for maximum sterilization. Sterile tubes has been validated according to EN ISO 11137 – 2; 2012, To ensure sterity assurance level of 10-6 (SAL 10-6) ensure pyrogenic level through of LAL test (Gel clot Array) is less than 0.06 EU/ml.

As these consumables are manufactured using polypropylene, they can be used for procedures or experiments that are being carried out at low temperatures making them one of the most required instruments in today’s laboratory. Abdos Labtech Centrifuge Tubes can withstand maximum 15000 RCF, which enables a range of application requiring low-speed to high-speed centrifugation protocols. These tubes are autoclavable and can be reused after sterilization or disinfection for further centrifugal purposes.