Heavy Duty Wide Mouth Carboy with Stopcock, HDPE

  • These carboys come with secure sealing cap for better security and long-term storage.
  • These carboys are used for storing and shipping reagents, chemicals, culture media, and standards.
  • These heavy-duty carboys are large with wide mouth capable of handling large volume.
  • These are very strong and durable for extended use over time with a strong carrying handle on both sides of the carboy.\
  • Comes with high quality and durable stopcock or tap for easy withdrawal of liquids, chemicals, reagents, culture media and standards.
  • Can be used at temperature below 0° C.
  • Superior chemical resistance.
  • Suitable for use with food.
Code Capacity (lts) Mouth Diameter (mm) Height (mm) No. Per Case
P11511 30 250 440 1
P11512 50 250 650 1
P11513 100 250 800 1
P11510 Spare Stopcock 9 NA 1