HOTBLOCK - LED Digital Dry Bath

  • Abdos LED digital dry bath is ideal for molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories, including melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture and media tests, coagulation tests, blood-urea-nitrogen determinations and in-situ hybridizations.
  • In –built over temperature protection.
  • Various optional blocks are available for best performance.
  • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529.
Code Product Block Size (cm) No. Per Case
E11330 LED Digital Dry Bath 15 x 9.5 1
Spare Accessories
Code Product Places No. Per Case
E11331 Heating Block for 0.2 ml 54 1
E11332 Heating Block for 0.5 ml 40 1
E11333 Heating Block for 1.5/2.0 ml 40 1
E11334 Heating Block for 5/15 ml 28 1
E11335 Heating Block for 50 ml 8 1
E11336 Heating Block for 0.2, 0.5, 1.5/2.0 ml 18 1