Petri Dish: The Base Medium for Cell Culture

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Our world is made up of so many different components that makes us wonder how every one of them came into being. Scientists have made it possible to study cell growth in a laboratory under control environmental conditions. But earlier shallow bowls and bottles were used which made it difficult to work with and also could be subjected to contamination. Petri dish was invented keeping in mind the necessities that can be drawn from it. It is a shallow glass or plastic dish with a close fitting lid for it. Many great scientific breakthroughs have involved major role of petri dishes involving generation of cell structure or cloning.

Abdos Labtech Pvt Ltd manufactures high quality disposable Petri Dishes which are useful in varied biological laboratory experiments and applications. They have extremely high optical clarity making it easily viewable under microscope. The lid keeps them from being contaminated and helps in stacking with configurations. They have shallow design allowing for maximum incubator space and can retain their shape upto 55°C.

Types of Petri Dishes are designed by Abdos Labtech like vented dishes having elevated lid that allows superior gas exchange and evaporation and non-vented dishes having flat lids which prevents evaporation encouraging long incubation period and anaerobic application. Also, aseptic dishes are manufactured under controlled low bio-burden conditions to achieve optimum performance in all applications. Every petri dish has robust dimensional accuracy of 90mm that ensures compatibility with most automated systems used.They have been designed compartmentally i.e. 2-compartments and 3-compartments which offers parallel testing of single sample using agar, different solvents and reagents. Although other methods of studying organisms are being explored by scientific community, it is a laboratory tool that is unlikely to fade in near future.

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Petri Dish: The Base Medium for Cell Culture.

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