• Petri-Seal stretches and conforms to form a tight seal and is temperature resistant, waterproof and chemically resistant.
  • It resists abrasion and puncture and blocks vapor loss while reducing the rate of gas exchange.
  • Petri-Seal can be used with microtiter plates, petri dishes and culture plates to prevent entry of any contaminants.
  • Petri-Seal remains flexible down to -30°C and can withstand continuous exposure from -40°C (with intermittent exposure up to 100°C).
  • Tests have shown that Petri Seal leaves on adhesive residue even after two years.
  • Available in wide variety of colours.
Code Size (Inch x Feet) Colour No. Per Case
U10901 C 0.5 x 108 Clear 1 Roll
U10901 W 0.5 x 108 White 1 Roll
U10901 B 0.5 x 108 Blue 1 Roll
U10901 R 0.5 x 108 Red 1 Roll
U10901 Y 0.5 x 108 Yellow 1 Roll