SWIRLTOP – DIGITAL (LED) Digital Magnetic Stirrer & Hot Plate

  • Swirl Top unit feature an extremely durable, chemical resistant white stainless steel ceramic coated surface that allows immediate heat transfer.
  • LED display shows temperature and speed.
  • External temperature sensor accessory is available with accuracy of +- 0.5°C
  • Extremely accurate digital control system is ideal for applications of analytical and biological laboratory.
  • Swirl Top has advanced microprocessor control with convenient turn knobs that allow quick, precise adjustment and maintains accurate temperature and speed.
  • Large backlit LED display provide constant visualization of speed and temperature with 50°C HOT warning indicator.
  • This digital system is compatible with a wide variety of popular glass beakers, flasks, bottles and vessels.
  • Heat resistant ABS casing.
Code Product Workplate Size (Ø cm) No. Per Case
E11231 LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer & Hot Plate with Support Rod & External Temeperature Probe 13.5 1
E11234 LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer & Hot Plate 13.5 1
Spare Accessories
Code Product No. Per Case
E11232 SP / Support Rod 1
E11233 ETP / External Temeperature Probe 1