WAVEMAX - LCD Digital Orbital & Linear Shaker

  • Abdos orbital and linear shakers are capable of mixing and shaking liquids in bottles, flasks, vessels, test tubes and dishes.
  • Independent LCD display for adjusting speed and time, speed and timer can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Special designed and developed compact space-saving design fits easily in the incubator and refrigerator.
  • Maximum load capacity of 2.5 kg with platform.
  • Electronics time switching clocks controls time or continuous operation mode.
  • Space accessories have wide range of platforms for use with variety of vessels.
  • Over speed detection and protection.
  • Multi voltage.
Code Product No. Per Case
Classic Orbital Shaker
E11460 Wavemax – Orbital Shaker 1
Classic Linear Shaker
E11470 Wavemax – Linear Shaker 1
Spare Accessories for Dancing Shaker
E11451 Universal attachment with 3 Bars 1
E11452 Dish attachment with non-slip mat 1
E11453 Fixing clip attachment 1
E11415 Fixing clip for for 25 ml flask 1
E11416 Fixing clip for for 50 ml flask 1
E11417 Fixing clip for for 100 ml flask 1
E11418 Fixing clip for for 200/250 ml flask 1
E11419 Fixing clip for for 500 ml flask 1
* Pls note E11453 is required to run E11415, E11416, E11417, E11418 & E11419.