• Abdos rocking shaker is designed to provide precise speed and tilt angles required for broad range of molecular and biological mixing application.
  • Abdos rocking shaker are used for staining and destaining gel, hybridization procedure, hematology and blotting techniques.
  • The speed and tilt is adjustable for a wide range of applications.
  • These are safe to be used in cold room and incubator.
  • Abdos rocking shaker have a unique dual platform accessory which can be brought separately to double work surface.
Code Product Platform Size (cm) No. Per Case
E11240 WAVEMAX– Rocking Shaker with flat mat 35 x 30 1
Spare Accessories
E11241 Staking Platform with Flat Mat with 3 feet clearance 1
E11242 Dimpled Mat 1
E11243 Bungee Cord to secure vessels 4