• Wavex rotating mixer give gentle but effective mixing of biological samples to be held in 1.5 ml to 50 ml tubes used in a variety of applications including immune precipitations,prevention of blood coagulation and latex diagnostics.
  • Wavex rotating mixer has a disk type design.
  • LCD displays and digital speed control allows procedures to be accurate.
  • Wavex tube rotator has dual disk accessories for larger tubes.
Code Product No. Per Case
E11270 Wavex- Tube Rotator 1
Spare Accessories
E11271 Disk accessory for 1.5 ml x 60 micro centrifuge tubes 1
E11272 Disk accessory for 50 ml x 8 centrifuge tubes 1
E11273 Disk accessory for 15 ml x 16 tubes 1
E11274 Disk support rods used with disk accessories 4